Our vision is to
bring healthcare to
the desktop of
every working person.

We have translated community healthcare
to the digital world

Dr Patrick Aouad and Danny Mann share a desire to create environments to promote the best outcomes for patients. Their first medical practice opened in 2017 striking a chord with the local community and healthcare professionals for the same reason. From day one patients experienced a familiar team that made them feel special.  

Pat and Danny witnessed the emergence of safe and effective technologies that could change how healthcare could be experienced. They knew that the future of healthcare must remain connected to traditional values and that their model of care could be that bridge. Using their experience, they developed the blueprint for [cu]health.

With demanding workloads, time pressures and busy family lives, Pat and Danny recognise that [cu]health could alleviate the growing burden of unmet healthcare needs that is limiting the potential of working Australians. We make healthcare accessible to every person so they can unlock the time, energy and clarity to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Dr Patrick Aouad
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr Aouad is an experienced company director with a wealth of practical knowledge in operations of general medical practices having co-founded Loxley Health in 2017. Patrick currently sits on a number of advisory boards providing his expertise in neurology and digital health. 

Patrick has published research in a number of leading medical journals and since co-founding [cu]health has conducted a large review on the economic impact of workplace wellbeing. He holds a Bachelor of Medical Science (neuroscience) from the University of Sydney, a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) and a Master of Philosophy, Medicine (neurology/stroke) from the Australian National University. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and a research supervisor at the University of Sydney.

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Danny Mann
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Danny Mann is the managing director and co-founder of [cu]health and is experienced in strategy, operation innovation and risk management. Danny has managed operations of community medical practices including a specialist respiratory clinic and COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

Prior to [cu]health, Danny has supported governments and large businesses in executing business transformation and led multi-disciplinary technical teams. Danny holds a B.A (UNSW) and a Masters of Property (UTS).

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Our values

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Healthcare backed by high-quality scientific evidence.

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Thought leaders, bringing forward lasting solutions.

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Independently operated, protecting patient information.

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Always driven by the best outcome for the patient.

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Leaving no stone unturned, always putting members first.