The health of your business, reimagined.

Virtual healthcare to upgrade and sustain high performing teams.

What is [cu]health?

Leading businesses are investing in employee health

[cu]health delivers Wellbeing Dividends® by offsetting the burden of poor employee health. We’ve researched each industry’s healthcare needs and can tailor our services to create sustained improvements over time. 




Stress and burnout


Staff attrition



Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Your team’s healthcare concierge

We understand it’s challenging scheduling appointments when juggling work and family commitments. We can relate. We’ve been employees, employers, patients, and doctors too. 

Connect your employees with healthcare when and where they need it, at home, in the office or on-the-go.

Australia’s first virtual medical practice for businesses

Your teams can access a dedicated multidisciplinary healthcare team without having to leave their desk.

Beyond Employee Assistance Programs

Once you subscribe to [cu]health your employees become our valued members.

We provide your business with a consistent team of GPs, Psychologists, Dietitians and Health Coaches to meet your specific needs.

Our healthcare team collaborate to meet the physical and mental healthcare needs of each member in order to achieve​ both immediate and long-term benefits.

Our services

Members benefit from a whole suite
of healthcare services

Member Dash

Member dashboards

Intuitive platform to access all health care related services.

video icon

Video appointments

Urgent and preventive health care every workday. 


Pharmacy delivery

Digital prescriptions and same-day pharmacy delivery. 

travel icon


Stay connected to your healthcare team while abroad. 

workplace icon

Workplace [cu]pod

Private booth for appointments in the workplace. 

Health Coaches are an employee’s greatest ally

Health coaches are registered nurses who are available on live chat and video appointments when your employees need them most.

They are available to address any healthcare concerns that pop up before they get out of hand - nothing is off limits.

Health coaches provide clarity when things are confusing, continuity of care so nothing falls through the cracks and coordinate care with other healthcare professionals.

Become an employer of choice and retain talent

Subscribe to our services with either annual or flexible plans. Once purchased your employees will unlock member benefits to take them to the next level. 

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